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How long does it take to rewire a 3 bed house ? thank you.

1950s house.
Currently vacant but bathroom work ongoing.
Move in date 12/10. What work complte by then.

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No more than 3 days to complete that size Rewire and test and issue certificate hope that helps

Answered 7th Oct 2011


Member since 10 May 2011

Hi we currently rewire a 3/4 bed house in about 3 days for a vacant house, but can take up to 5 days depending on spec. ie downlights,extra sockets,outside lights etc. Hope this helps.

Answered 8th Oct 2011

Sparkright Electrical Services

Member since 15 Aug 2011

i would allow 7 days to do the full rewire

Answered 7th Oct 2011

North Electrics Ltd

Member since 23 Sep 2011

5-7 days depending on the amount of points etc

Answered 7th Oct 2011

Advance Electrical Contractors

Member since 7 Oct 2011

To complete a 3 bed house electrical rewire would takes about 6 days if the property is empty with no furniture to move

Answered 8th Oct 2011

G White Electrical Ltd

Member since 5 Jan 2010

How long is a piece of string?

There are so many factors that could alter the completion time

Depends on how many workers are involved?
surface or recessed cables?
Amount of sockets switches you require?
location of consumer unit

Why dont you ask the guys doing it??

Answered 7th Oct 2011

House Doctors

Member since 13 Jul 2011

It will take a full 7 days for full Rewiring

Answered 7th Oct 2011

Elman Ltd

Member since 6 Nov 2010

Hi there
If the house is empty and not lived In, it takes between 3-5 days
But my team would probably take four days from start to Finnish
If you put the job up on the site I can come out and give you a free quote
Kind regards israr

Answered 8th Oct 2011

A1 Electrical Contracts Ltd

Member since 28 Feb 2010

on average i would say it takes 3/4 days to rewire a 3 bed property . This time scale allows for removal of all existing cabling and switchgear , chasing of walls and lifting of floorboards and replacement after wiring installed and property cleaned to a reasonable state .After the property has been plastered it should take no more than 2 days to fit all lights , sockets , switches , etc and complete test of installation carried out . This refers to a basic install and doesnt allow for complex wiring or numerous downlights , etc .

Answered 9th Oct 2011


Member since 28 Feb 2011

Hi I have a team that do it in one day but on average 2-3 days

Answered 9th Oct 2011

smiths electrical

Member since 11 Sep 2009

4 to 5 working days

Answered 9th Oct 2011

Sergei the Plumber

Member since 13 Oct 2010

Hello Len_76 ,

The time scale depending in on property is empty or occupied? How many men power from contractor? And access to your property and also on parking outside your property.

I noticed that bathroom work is ongoing, Please make sure that you get electrical minor work or signal circuit certificate with your bathroom installer or / His/her Electrician!

All the best


Answered 9th Oct 2011


Member since 27 Sep 2011

It can take anywhere between 3-7 days depending on the house and how many sparks are on it.

Answered 8th Oct 2011

CES Chapman Electrical Services

Member since 5 Sep 2011

depending on if house is empty or not, cable roots flooring lifting etc. - you would be looking at around 5 days to max 7 days for a 2 man team

Answered 8th Oct 2011

home240 electricals

Member since 30 Aug 2011

hi a good team of lads can do this job in a emptey house in 3 days if full of junk a bit longer

Answered 9th Oct 2011


Member since 17 Oct 2009

On average it would take 4-5 days to rewire your property.

NJM Electrical

Answered 7th Oct 2011

NJM Electrical

Member since 7 Mar 2009

It depends on how many sparks are working on it. Should take 2 lads 5 days to first fix then probably another 2 days to second fix as long as its a basic rewire. I do know electricians who could do it faster than this but this should give you a rough idea.

Answered 8th Oct 2011

Mr Wires

Member since 7 Oct 2011


It depends on your requirements but three bed with average 4 plug sockets per room, data, coax and approximate 20 down-lighters in total ,walls made good - not skimmed, assuming full access it could be completed within three days, (3 electricians+1 for 10 hours a day)

Concrete floor will add extra work day

Hope it helps


Answered 8th Oct 2011

PRO-TECK Electrical Limited

Member since 17 Mar 2011

Depending on your spec, One person two weeks from start to finish.

Answered 8th Oct 2011

All Wired Up

Member since 27 Jul 2009

we recently completed a Full 3bed Rewire in 12hours, It all depends on your spec and how late you are willing to have someone working at your home.

Answered 22nd Jun 2018

South Wales Electrical Services

Member since 18 Jun 2018

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