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How do you alter the drainage of rain water from a driveway so that all of it does not run towards the drain in front of the garages which overflows causing water to enter and flood the garages.

the driveway measures approx 80'x30' and is only 5 years old and very soundly constructed though it is only surfaced with tarmac. The lay of the land is such that it naturally slopes towards the garages. However an attempt has been made to construct it so that some of the water can and will run out from where the gate is located (at 90 degrees to the garages).Still lots more water flows towards the garages causing them to flood temporarily. what solutions can be implemented without causing too much disruption?

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Best to fit some drainage channel across the front of the garage, comes complete with grid covers.
You will then need to connect to either storm water drain or soakaway via 100mm underground drainage pipe.


Answered 7th Oct 2011

Best option would be to install an acco drain across the full width of the garage door with an outlet to the nearest rain water drain or dig a soakaway and pipe the acco into this.


Answered 7th Oct 2011

Without seeing the drive and surroundings its hard to say for certain what can be done, i presume the current drainage system in place in front of the garages is an aco or similar drainage channel? if so you can cut another one in halfway up the drive, obviously this would need to be channeled to a soakaway, it would take about 2 days to do this but most importantly it would be the least damaging and disruptive to your existing drive, it may not feasable as i said hard to say without pictures but it would ease the water flow into just one channel. I hope that helps you.


Answered 7th Oct 2011

Maybe alter the outlet / down pipe to another position


Answered 7th Oct 2011

aco drain to the front of the garage. sounds like you have a gully type drain but the problem could be simply inefficient drainage. we need more info on what type of drain and the position of the said drain but i do get fed up hearing about flooded drains should always be fitted to the front of garages if the surface water runs towards the garage. more often that not its either shoddy builders not understanding levels and falls or tight fisted customers trying to save a few quid.


Answered 18th Oct 2011

hi put a acco drainage in or dig soak away 3 m from you house


Answered 26th Jul 2015

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