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I wish to replace an old convection heater.

Hi all,

I've just bought myself a new "fake fire" electric heater, 1.9KW, to replace a very ugly 2KW electric heater. Exisiting fire is fed from a cable from a flex outlet and the new heater would be fed from teh same.

My question is, can I do this myself? I recall reading something aout "like for like" being ok, but I can't recall precisely what.

It's all in the lounge by the way, not bathroom or kitchen.

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If you feel confident to do it,go for it.
If the new fire place comes with a lead,it will be with the new colours-brown for live,blue for neutral and yellow/green is earth.
If your wiring in the house is with the old colours,which means-red is live,black is neutral,earth is either green or yellow/green.
So,if you are using the same flex-wiring is simple
-brown(or red-old colour) is live,
-blue(or black-old colour) is neutral
-yellow/green is earth.

Any questions,just ask


Answered 7th Oct 2011

Hi Julian,

Many like for like replacements are fine, with regard to your heater you need to verify whether it's on a dedicated circuit (which is normally used for larger heaters 3kw for example) or on a fused spur of the ring main and verify the cable current carrying capacity just in case it wasnt suitable in the first place.

The heater is drawing 8.2amps with no diversity allowed and given the cost involved in getting it installed by an electrician who will also check the circuit my advice would be get someone local to connect it up for you it shouldn't cost much.



Answered 7th Oct 2011

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