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how long does it take to replace a sink toilet and shower can it be done in a day?

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Hi there,
Yes it can is the short answer.
But there are other factors that would change the original question, such as:

Is the change like for like and in the same positions?

Do waste pipes need changing? (as they can get very blocked over time)

Do supply pipes need changing/altering?

Are you including shower enclosure or tiling in change?

If answer is no to first question and/or yes to the following three then it could and probably will take longer.

I hope this helps

George Ray


Answered 6th Oct 2011

Yes, was'nt Rome built in a day?!
It can be done in a day, but i would not worry if it takes a little longer, as its usually a **it job done int day, but if one wants it done int day then except the sh** quality.
Sometimes people want a Magician not a plumber/builder, if so your on the wrong site!!!!

Thanks Real Builder


Answered 6th Oct 2011



Answered 6th Oct 2011



Answered 6th Oct 2011


It is possible to replace and replumb like for like in a day. I certainly would want to know that I would have a toilet and something to wash with at the end of the day.

It would be extras like adding in showers and tiling and plastering or completely changing the layout that would take the most time.

A & T Plumbing and Heating Engineers Ltd


Answered 7th Oct 2011

We have straight swapped complete suites in a day along with the tiling and making good that is necessary.

A sole trader may struggle to get all of this done in a day but a plumber with labourer should have no problem


Answered 9th Oct 2011

It would be possible to trreplace these fittyings in a day if in same palce and there is little alterations.
However, it is likley that there will be additional works such as tiling, it is possible the wall tiles will be damaged on removal of the shower tray etc and depending on the damage i.e if only one or two tiles this could be done the same day, but preferably the next i more extensive.
Mastic sealant needs to be left for as long as possible to cure.
As there could be unforeseen issues it would be best to allow two days


Answered 6th Oct 2011

yes is the short answer


Answered 6th Oct 2011

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