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Loft insulation - access to a sealed part of my loft

I bought a house 2.5 years ago. It is a new build and done to a good standard. One issue I didn’t pick up at the time of purchase, and should have, was the shoddy job they done with the loft insulation.
Base layer of 100m wool in places stopped 18-24 inches away from the edge of the loft/roof (way too much for ventilation), the top 200mm of wool was only covering perhaps 70-80% of the loft area and in places the insulation was laid over the walkway boards they had left in place. Anyway, I have re-laid and purchased additional loft insulation and the difference in temperature is noticeable. At least 400mm in the main area of the loft.

My question regards an area of the loft I can’t get access to. Our house is basically rectangular with a square added on to one of the long sides. Ie this is the vestibule and upstairs landing. From the loft I can’t get access to the area of the loft that is covered by this square (Gable and valley roof). From the building warrant it is clear that this area is meant to be insulated the same as the main loft area. It looks like the roof structure of the main house was built and then the roof over this “square” was added afterwards. Is there any easy way to get insulation into such an areas or am I left to cut a whole into the inside of the structure to get access to this closed off area. Obviously being careful to avoid trusses etc and only going through the internal roof boards.

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its a hole somewhere!

if you're lucky you might be able to make a hole in the felt inside the main loft into the 'extension' loft space, although it might be a tight fit!
poke around a bit and you'll be able to tell the difference between tiles and where the tiles stop and the cavity begins.

otherwise its a hole in the ceiling! plastic loft hatches are pretty cost effective so it may be worth making it look like its supposed to be there


Answered 25th Jan 2016

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