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Are the wire used for satellite dishes the same as those for aerials?

Can we use the existing wire that runs through the house from a satelite dish to connect to an aerial instead?

So you can use an aerial cable on a satellite but the signal is poorer. Can you use a satellite cable on an aerial? Will it not work at all?


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yes you can use this type of coaxial cable, it comes in various colours usually black/white or brown and Usually has model - RG6 or WF100 6mm try to avoid RG 59 or RG 7 because this is very similar but slightly smaller I usually use this just for video and not signal cable as the thicker RG6 coax cable has a larger bandwidth and therefor can carry more information .This Coaxial cable can also be brought as a twin coax cable (two single coax cables manufactured together as one cable . This is used more than the single cable because not only does it allow you to record and watch live Television at the same time, it also offers a failsafe' if you like , if the other cable has problems . The best connectors to use are F' connectors , preferably the crimp type that I use but you can get screw/push on F connectors or compression connectors they are model type- CT100, CT125 , CT167. eventually you will probably need male type F' s and Female type F connectors and possibly a F' type coupler or barrel'.
The Coaxial comes in 3 different sizes CT100 (smallest), CT125, CT167(largest) you can also buy a 5 core multicore cable now for masthead installations. Also when installing remember not to run it alongside any power because this can cause interference on the screen. or near a heated source like a radiator . Remember that Coax cable has a maximum bend radius the same as tennis ball !! anything greater and you get signal loss.
When connecting the F' connector make sure that the outer copper layer of the cable does not in anyway at all touch the centre copper pin as this also causes interference due to a short' (short circuit) of the signal path. You can use a knife that is how I was trained but there are stripping tools that are excellent and can save time .


Answered 2nd Apr 2015

Absolutely!! Coax cable can be used for freeview, sky or virgin, in fact a virgin router runs off coax,
Any satellite signal can be received also whether it's English or international,
Recommended cabling is wf100 but even in old buildings with prehistoric internal cabling I am still able to provide a hd picture.


Answered 6th May 2016

Yes it will work, the satellite cable is better quality than standard coax but will still carry the tv signal


Answered 9th Oct 2011

Yes it will


Answered 9th Oct 2011

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