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How can i get rid of the asbestos roof of my garage and the garage per se please?

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Hi, In my experience this is low grade asbestos mixed with cement and you will find there is no dust if it is broken, a good skip hire company will dispose of it at a reasonable cost and supply you with a receipt, do not pay over the odds as there are a lot of misconceptions about asbestos and I repeat this is low grade


Answered 7th Mar 2011

give the panels a good soaking with water first if they are roof panels they proberley be wet that why they fail if u break them up there will be no dust also were the correct ppe. if u put it in some good stong bags and cable tie them up ur local tip should have a special skip for it there are alot of misconseptions with asbestos garages they are usely very low grade it internall stuff what is really dangeours i now of people who have paid out silly ammounts of money to have it tested onley to be told it harmless regards damian


Answered 4th Mar 2011

hi,make sure who ever takes down your asbestos roof has the proper clothing on clothes,hats and breathing masks and that all asbestos is double bagged and taped and marked.i have just done one and the charge was £250.00 up to the first ton in tw in margate.and the garage can come down and be put into the skip,make sure no asbestos get in the skip,because there will be problems.all clothing worn has to be put in a bag and put in the skip.thanks nick


Answered 4th Mar 2011

hi i have just priced up a garage removal with an asbestos roof and the only way is to getan asbestos company to despose of it in a special skip i was quoted 600 pound hope this helps , i must stress that it is not reccomended to try to do it your self due to your and others health who lives around you and you will get fined a lot of money if you are caught removing it and you certanly will have trouble disposing of the asbestos


Answered 4th Mar 2011

Soak the panels with water first ,these roof panels have very little asbestos content in them make sure that you have the correct ppe including mask and paper overhauls (these will also be bagged and skiped). There are alot of misconceptions about asbestos if it is handled in the right way then it is fine try not to break the panels and then wrap them with heavy duty plastic and tape it up your local council should be able to advise for disposal of it kind regards.


Answered 6th Mar 2011

Hi there,
It is bit risky by doing this by yourself if you are not specialized in asbestos removal.
If you want to do it in safety conditions, you have to wear clothes for single use and make sure in any way that you will not create fine asbestos particles by smashing asbestos, cheapest way is to wet it with 1/7 -1/10 PVA and water (only if you are working outdoor)
If is blue asbestos please do not touch it in any way!
Please do not forget mask (not a cheap one) and try as much as possible to not smash it.
For asbestos removal, you can ask Council to do it (some of them are doing tis for free for small quantities)
Hope that it will help you,


Answered 5th Mar 2011

I think people especially builders ( but not all I must add) have this misconception that it's ok if you break the old corrugated roofing sheets off the roof or the asbestos side panels, this still contains chrysotile ( white Asbestos) ok it only contains approx 10/15% but it's still Asbestos, yes spraying with water will help keep dust down, because this is hydrophilic,but if it has been laced with crocidolite (blue asbestos) this is hydrophobic,so breaking sheets with this in them,whether or not wetting methods are used will not help.and I have found this myself many times.
Correct procedure is to cut bolts/ screws ( no power tools) and to remove panels whole therefore reducing fibre realise while lowering the risk then double wrapped and sealed in 1000 gauge polythene. And labelled with an asbestos sack so people know what's inside.
Or just get the professionals in who deal with this day in day out, it's not as expensive as you think, shop around like you would do anything else and it could just save your life and your families lives too


Answered 7th Aug 2017

The best way is to find a firm who are licensed to remove asbestos from site.
They will also issue you a receipt.


Answered 4th Mar 2011

There are specialist demolition contractors that can remove asbestos sheeting and dispose of it legally and safely at a designated site, although my experience in pricing such work is that it can be quite expensive. Hope this helps.



Answered 4th Mar 2011

As these panels are likely to be a less harmful version of asbestos product you should we able to remove them yourself with the right precautions taken and then dispose of them via a skip hire company. Ensure the panels are moist to avoid harmful fibres becoming airborne and remove them carefully without breaking them up then dispose of them in a skip. Check with the skip hire company on their policy with asbestos just to check your in the clear. If this is to daunting hire a professional to help or complete the job.


Answered 9th May 2022

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