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Is replacing 12v mr16 downlights with mains voltage gu10 leds a diy job?


We have twelve 12V MR16 dimmable downlights in our kitchen and living room that we want to replace with LEDs, controlled from four dimming switches. Given the issues with non-compatible transformers, I was planning to replace the sockets with mains voltage GU10s, ideally still dimmable.

My question is whether this is a DIY job? From what I've read it sounds fairly simple, as it is simply a question of removing the transformers, wiring in replacement sockets, and replacing the dimmer switches with LED-compatible ones. But I don't know whether (a) the fact that some of the downlights are in the kitchen brings this into scope of notifiable work (I am not adding any new downlights), and (b) if there are complications I may not be anticipating.

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Kitchens are not classified as special locations any longer and from your description you are only changing fittings not making circuit alterations.
as you describe these works are not notifiable.
As to complications you may not be anticipating, this is something nobody could comment on without inspecting the installation.


Answered 30th Dec 2015

I’m not sure of your location but kitchens are still classed as a special location in wales but, the work isn’t notifiable due to you not changing the characteristics of the circuit.
If you are removing the 230v to 12v transformer then an earth would need to the fitting.
I still believe you should get an electrician to do the work if you have to ask the question. Safety first!!


Answered 4th Nov 2017

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