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Query about foundation for new extension building up to neighbours extension.

Hi all

My partner and I are planning on building a single story extension to our kitchen that we would like to build up to our neighbours existing single story extension along the boundary line. Our planned building work will extend about a meter further out than our neighbours.

We've recently been told by someone with experience that it's a bad idea to build right up next to our neighbours extension due to the space needed for the foundations. His point was that if we dig our footing down to the same depth as theirs, we'd need to maintain a gap between the two walls to allow for the projection of both footings. We'd really like to maximise the width of our construction so is there a way to build our foundations around our neighbours so that it achieves this (ie: dig deeper, reinforce neighbours foundations)?

We're on very good terms with our neighbours, who have agreed to our plans in principle so working with them to solve the problem should not be an issue.

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There should no be a problem with foundations for a single story extension there will need to be a gap any way for roof gutters, vents, damp etc your architect will explain this to you (or he/she should)


Answered 5th Jan 2016

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