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Work not signed off.

I had a full renovation done on my property, which included every single bit of eletrcal work being redone and a new box installed. This is over a year ago now, and the electrician was arranged through the builder we had doing the work. We've yet to have the work signed off. Since then, we had a plug installed in our cellar, as it was removed and that is where our washing machine and chest freezer live, which we had another electrician do as the one our builder arranged just failed to turn up multiple times. We've had to have a British Gas electrician in (we have cover with them) to look at a light fitting which burnt out, and while he was there I questioned him about it. According to him, the wiring on the actual electrical box isn't correct, and some fairly lethal parts were left exposed (access to the back of the box through missing covers). Some fuses which should be grounded are not etc. He advised I should report this. I've spoken to the builder about it, and he said hes been in contact with said electrician to get them to come down and, surprise, he hasn't. What would be the best course of action for myself? If anything was to go wrong with the electics, I wouldn't be covered as they've not been signed off and I think more than enough time has passed for this problem to be still standing.

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It is highly likely that the builder done all of the electrical work himself, as it's something that a lot of them do. Lack of paperwork is a huge sign of this. British Gas are also a problem in that they're prone to, how can I put it, exaggerate things sometimes, and their prices are always high.

I would get a proper electrical installation condition report done by an electrician who knows how to test (NOT a "domestic installer as most don't have a clue themselves), to ascertain exactly what condition your electrics are in, in terms of safety. This would then give you something to go on, and some paperwork if you want to report the builder to trading standards or take him to court.

I'm assuming that you paid extra for an electrician? Also, do you have anything in writing where he stated that an electrician would be doing the electrical work?

If you're local to Surrey, I am more than happy to take a look.

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Answered 24th Dec 2015

as your previous answer said dont use some one whos just a domestic installer use a fully approved niceic contractor who has years of experience under his belt get a full EICR test done , I've seen this problem so many times and this is a consequence of the electrical industry training being watered down by bureaucrats who have made the industry open for anybody to be classed as part p qualified ,i have spent a lot of time effort and clients extra cost putting installations comply with regulations.Good luck with finding a decent contractor


Answered 18th Jan 2016

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