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Electric meter move - freestanding box or inside the house? plus not cooperating neighbors

We need to move our electric meter from the kitchen wall. We were advised to move it to an external wall. Our house is in the loop with the neighbor's one, so to move the meter we need to be disconnected from the neighbors' power supply. Neighbors agreed to do it. We already paid to Northern Power Grid (NPG) that came and lied down the new electric cable to our property. All we need now is to be disconnected from the neighbors. But, on the day NPG comes, neighbors are busy. This happened twice already and it looks like they will be busy forever. Does anybody had similar situation? What could we do?
As we stack with this and the new meter box also looks ugly, we started to reconsider our options. We read in regulations that if the meter is moved for less than 1m (for example it is moved behind the kitchen wall and under the stairs) this could be done internally without laying the new cable. Not sure though that the cable is long enough to move the meter behind the wall. Do you know if we can move the meter internally, e.g behind the kitchen wall? What if the cable is not long enough? Do we still need to cut off the power from the neighbors to do this?
2) Can we install the meter in a freestanding box (like one can see on the streets: green or black boxes)? I found some online, super expensive, but can we do it?

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yes as long the cable coming outside in the box is steel armored cable, will be coming from a 100A box from the main supply to the house.


Answered 24th Dec 2015

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