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Need to find out where pipes go from old fireback boiler to remove it

Hi grandaughter just got a house and son in law got plumber to take out immersion heater and put in new combi boiler.
plumber not comming till mid Jan .
The fire back boiler has not been used for years but i want to install a quarry in the fireplace as it was just a opening cut out of the plasterboard covering,
with an electric fire in.Which was not working and they relied on immersion for central heating.
Immersion tank is emply near enough but i want to remove the old back boiler to get quarry in where do the 2 water pipes go and how to drain (if theres any water in )as it has not been in use as the fire was electric and not working She is not going to put a fire in the opening as she just want it for ornaments or candles but looks better than papered straight over .
thanks for any help
The quarry will not go in because the fireback boiler is in the way

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If a new combi boiler has been fitted, the old back boiler pipes should have been disconnected from the rest of the system and would/should therefore be empty. There may be some residual water, this can be drained from a drainer usually on the back boiler. Please note however the gas must be safely disconnected from the back boiler by a gas safe registered engineer if it hasn't already been.
Jayesh Kanbi.


Answered 8th Jan 2016

From back boiler pipes should travel to left of fire breast up wall straight to tank.
Probly boxed in at breast.
At ground level on pipe will be two Blead nipples on bend in an out pipe
Or go in to bed room above there be two 50mm pipes going down with red valve stop on them.find chase where they go down.


Answered 31st Mar 2018

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