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Moving downstairs bathroom upstairs and extending kitchen

Hi All,

I live in a 2 bed mid-terrace property (built around 1900) which has a small kitchen housed in an extension at the back (2.4 x 2.2m), I think built at the same time as house and then more recently (not sure when but at least 20 years ago) another extension has been built onto the kitchen to house the bathroom (2.4m x 2.2m).

I'm planning on getting the bathroom moved upstairs and would like to extend the kitchen into where the bathroom is and puts some french doors at back, insulate and redo the flat roof, perhaps install a roof light.

The problem is the bathroom extension is poorly constructed from what I can tell, it's block and render on top of a few layers of brick on bottom, solid floor, flat roof and has a large crack running (larger at top than at bottom) from where the new and original was built. I'm not sure on foundation depths of either the new or the old extension. It's not warm in the extension and is damp but that could be down to the fact that there is no mechanical extraction or installation (walls & very little in the roof).

Questions I have are:-

Is it cost effective / better in the long run to fix up or rebuild?

Is it worth rebuilt putting a double storey extension above the kitchen, would the original extension need to be rebuilt to support (solid wall)?

Thanks in advance and very much appreciated


I've had Helifx quotes about stitching the crack but on closer

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One would need a site visit to see the project,to say whats best done if the crack is at the joint to the house then it would need re-stitching,as for the footings dig a hole down the side of the extension to see how deep they are
hope this is of some help.


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Answered 19th Dec 2015

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