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Can i do anything about a spluttering hot water tap?

I have an electric immersion hot water tank which is fed from a large storage tank on the roof which services a block of 11 flats (however, a lot of the flats are now connected fully to the mains and only 4 or 5 are still using the tank).

When I haven't turned on the hot tap for a while (as in hours, not days or weeks), the tap splutters VERY aggressively and seems to spew out quite a lot of air, splashing everywhere, before settling down into a normal flow. This happens worst in the kitchen, which is closest to the tank, but also to a lesser extent in the bath and bathroom sink.

I had a plumber round not too long ago to replace the immersion thermostat, and so the tank has been fully drained and refilled. But no change in the spluttering post-repair, and it seems to be getting worse lately.

Any ideas what's wrong and whether there's anything I can do about it?

Thanks in advance.

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hi it sounds like a leak on the hot pipework check for damp patches on walls and if there is a flat under you ask them to check there ceilings aswell. or ask a plumber to air pressure test the pipework. hope this helps

Answered 4th Mar 2011


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Because the system is gravity fed it needs all the pipe work to be on an incline so any air can rise to the tank in the roof and be let out of the system. if you have a section of pipe that isnt at the right fall air can get trapped so when you turn on the tap the air is pushed out by the pressure of the water which causes the spluttering.

The only way to solve the problem completley is to locate any pipework that you think could be causing an air lock and replace it with the proper fall.

Answered 4th Mar 2011

Bayley Property Services

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you need to look at your incomeing main and see which flats are conected
sounds like loss of head presure find tails and fit none return valves

Answered 4th Mar 2011

roy morgan plumbing&heating

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get a plumber to visually check the cold water storage cistern , and supply pipe to cylinder , and distributing and vent pipe where accessible it should not take long .
He will advise you on the best option , If there is a lot of work involved get a couple of quotes from plumbers ,there are lots of them on my builder.

Answered 6th Mar 2011

Ginway Construction Ltd

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