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Wiring lighting circuit in downstairs lighting flat

Any advice or techniques on doing the lighting circuit on a 2 bed downstairs flat with little or no access from flat above. 3 rooms also are single storey with flat roofs.

Been suggested I need to take ceilings down, put up false ceilings or use trunking. Any other options as none of above sound very appealing. ps...Its my flat, currently stripped out bare and not me doing the rewire.

Thanks for advice

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the only other way is stitching using a rod to determine where obstructions are start and cut small slithers out of ceiling start at lightfitting and work backwards hope you understand


Answered 11th Dec 2015


Disc the ceiling with 12" discs over joists, drill through joists at regulation depth now you canget 1" blade cutter in, run cables, replace discs using battens, fill around discs or skim ceiling. Simples.

Cutting slithers places the cable too low and is not to regulation.


Answered 14th Dec 2015

I think the method you or your sparky adopt will be driven by the level of quality finish you want for your ceiling. Removing the ceiling and threading cable through the joists as per building regs will give the better finish and better job all round. 'Stitching' is okay if the circuit is RCD protected. The disc thing sounds okay also. But all the methods will require a skim to make presentable so take it down and do it properly 😉


Answered 16th Dec 2015

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