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Where is the best place to get kitchens from

i am buying a property which needs a new kitchen i would like to know where the best place would be to buy a kitchen for a reasonable price to have fitted by a tradesman. or would it be better to have a tradesman supply and fit?

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All kitchens are basically a rip off, a few grands worth of chipboard. Magnets have the best kitchens off the shelf probably, fitted 100's. Howdens have fairly good units but can be expensive with worktops, and accesories. Wickes aren't great, crap units made out of poor quality chipboard, worktops are probably the worst quality soft chipboard. B and Q units are ok 18mm chipboard, worktops aren't even moisture resistant chipboard. To be honest, you're probably best off having your kitchen supplied and fitted by a small local kitchen fitter (someone that just fits kitchens) they usually get the best prices on kitchens because they buy the most, and know which companies do the better deals on which parts. Most parts Units/Worktops you can always find cheaper online, especially higher end ranges, solid timber worktops etc. Or order direct from the manufacturer rather than through a middle man DIY retailer or Builders Merchant/ Howdens etc.

Hope this helps


Answered 1st Oct 2011

Howdens is best for you as the carcasses come ready assembled which should mean cheaper labour cost compared to a flat packed B & Q kitchen


Answered 27th Sep 2011

Hi having fitted many kitchens.. its best to compare quotes eg B&Q Wickes Builders Merchants etc. Take advantage of free plans which often include expensive extras which will be listed on the quote so... study the plan and remove any items that you think are not important, reprint the new plan.

Although I agree with comment that ready built units save on fitting, its not highly skilled work for two people to assemble units and save money.

Dont forget power points, plumbing and gas supply before new kitchen is fitted.

I personally like to supply and fit because if things are not organized it holds up work, but if client has everything ready then labour only price is fine.

Best wishes Tim


Answered 29th Sep 2011

howdens, magnet are both good quality.Howdens kitchens are ex stock meaning that there is no waiting time for them which is handy.
Ikea are cheap rubbish in my experience that often arrive with bits missing. I have now given up on ikea kitchens and steer customers away from them.


Answered 30th Nov 2011

everyones saying howdens joinery but you need to be a trademan to buy anyone of theres units / general public cant do this so make sure you take a tradeperson with you thx n.england joinery


Answered 12th Oct 2011

magnets and howdens are ok and very similar prices as they tend to price match each other.ikea is often overlooked but ive found that their kitchens are great value for money.


Answered 29th Sep 2011

Howdens or Magnets for a reasonable priced kitchen, but sometimes its worth while having someone quote for supply and fit of kitchen as any problems with the kitchen such as bits missing or not right is down to the fitter to sort and not yourself and you might be supriced it could be cheaper.


Answered 29th Sep 2011

Howdens , magnet or benchmark (good solid back on these units)


Answered 29th Sep 2011

I agree, we buy from Howdens as their units are better quality.

If you buy from DIY stores you will get a DIY finish


Answered 29th Sep 2011

Howdens. Good qualities . It's a bit expensive but with trade account can be half price.


Answered 7th Jul 2016

We use howdens a lot and have a great relationship with them. If its quality your looking for its a two horse race between them and magnet.


Answered 29th Sep 2011

My experience would be not to go for Howdens, we had a kitchen supplied by them and price matched against a Wren, after a lot of haggling. The quality is visibly not the same and their own brand appliances are not great.

I would go for Wren, they are competitive, very good quality , come with units assembled, service is excellent. The only thing - don't get a quartz worktop through them, their 3rd party supplier is overpriced and unreliable.

For quartz, find a local wholesaler, choose your worktop and then get a local installer to do it for you - if you are in SW London i can recommend someone.

In terms of fitting if you do not need any plumbing and electrical work then the kitchen company would be OK, if not, go with a local fitter.


Answered 10th Jan 2019

Hi we run a local independent kitchen company and I would also investigate local companies. If you have your own fitter we offer supply only/trade kitchens with a discount that makes our prices comparable to Howdens but the quality is better, five sided solid cabinets any size with only painted or natural doors.

Along side the quality of our products, our customers mean the world to us and we do all we can to offer the best service. We have a growing number of trades that buy directly from us, so their customers receive our design service and they are able to fit our kitchens with our designer available if needed to help with any queries along the way.


Answered 16th Nov 2019

Not all kitchens are the same quality. Howdens, Magnet, B and Q are very similar and use a lower density particle board. This is why the doors start to drop over time. There is little inside for the screw to fix in to and the screwhole widens with use. Crown kitchens use a better quality board but are more expensive. Sometimes I just buy their carcasses and have a joiner make doors. It is a good way to create a handmade kitchen.
A builder told me that when your builder offers you an amazing discount at Howdens he is also being paid indirectly. You, the client pay Howdens and then Howdens credit the builders trade account without you being aware. Howdens also work to monthly sales targets which close around the end of the month. That is a good time to negotiate.
Most kitchen suppliers offer a service for ready assembled units. It is worth the money unless you have forever.


Answered 19th May 2019

Howdens are my top sellers.
Can be expensive but with my trade account that can help.


Answered 24th Feb 2018

I've fitted hundreds of kitchens over the years. Howdens are good units. Reasonable prices. If your good at your job you can make a cheap kitchen look expensive. As for Rebel Carpenters you need to seal all worktop joints and cuts to make waterproof the worktops.


Answered 31st Jan 2018

Howdens. Worked with a lot of them but if you don’t mind spending a lot get them from a local joinery shop. They’ll be a lot better than the big companies like howdens


Answered 13th Jan 2022

You can definitely get great kitchens from. Magnet or Ikea.
Always seek a professional to help you design the space.


Answered 28th Apr 2022

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