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Installing new electric instantaneous water heater

If i intend to install a new electric instantaneous water heater (to supply two sinks) do i need some sort of extra wiring or a new circuit for this? I need to get my fusebox replaced as well and was going to do this before hand but will i need to change the fusebox again when the new water heater is installed?

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Please ensure that any circuit you wish to add to your existing installation has RCD protection, if it does not then RCD protection must be added to these circuits. Also you should try to check if there are spare ways in your existing consumer unit, you will be able to add your new circuit from there. If not then a new consumer unit will be needed. All work must be done by a qualified and competent person. I hope this helps. Tom


Answered 10th Dec 2015

If water heaters are rated over 2kw then they require independent circuits.
when having your consumer unit replaced ensure your electrician fits one allowing for spare ways to supply your water heaters ahd any other additions you may require.


Answered 9th Dec 2015

if your consumer unit (fuse box) dose not have rcd protected circuits it makes sense to fit this first. as any work your doing in a special location ie; bathroom/kitchen/outside/warter heaters must have rcd protection!!!. also you will need to check watt K/W your warter heater is capble of using. if its more than 2 kw it will need to have its owen seperate supply installed. from your new c/u or from a rcd supply,independant from your current c u.
hope this helps.......


Answered 9th Dec 2015

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