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Cold single extension

I've recently just purchased a house that had a single story side extension and 2nd lounge that connects to the dining room and a kitchen in a room of its own at the rear. The 2nd lounge has patio doors that lead to the rear garden Every room in the extension is absolutely freezing. Ive had a radiator fitted into the second lounge which theplumber said should efficient enough to heat the 2nd lounge and dining room, but its still cold.

The side extensions (office and kitchen) are stone cold. The exterior walls are about a metre away from my nieghbours and on the other side im connected to nieghbours who's house is alwayswarm. Even with the heating on the side and back rooms are still cold and cool down rapidly. I have no flat roofs, all are sloped.

My question is why are them rooms cold. I've found lots of short fall jobs done around the house since moving in and I'm wondering if they have skimpt it building the extensions. Im starting to worry as 'winter is coming' ( game of thrones) and if its cold now im dreading snow.

Any replys would be great thank you.

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The first thing I would investigate is the list space above the rooms. If you have no loft hatch then the easiest way is to remove tiles and check if you have insulation and if so is it to the correct depth?

Secondly does the extension have cavity wall insulation, you may be eligible for a grant - it worth checking...


Answered 9th Dec 2015

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