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Can i remove the plug form a light and wire it to the mains lighting circuit?

I have lights with standard plugs and want to remove the plug and connect them directly to the wires from the mains lighting circuit... is this acceptable?

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This should be posible, however anything connected to the mains wiring must comply with the BS7671 wiring regulations and must be safe. This type of work should only be carried out by an electrician, who can advise you whether they are suitable and install them correctly. The plug offers a way of fusing the appliances cable and the fuse at the distribution end must be acceptable to continue this protection, for most lighting circuits it will be.

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Lazlo Beesley
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Answered 8th Dec 2015

Of course this is possible. but you need to ask yourself would you want to have it on the mains permanently. the idea of a plug is that it is fused to that plug. therefore the fuse is there to protect the appliance/circuit.
what I am trying to say is things like lamps or printers things that need servicing often should be kept on their relevant plugs.
items which you could take off the plug and use into the mains could include a Panel heater which you can easily cut the plug off and wire into the mains.
the recommended way to do this would be installing a fused spur and selecting correct size of fuse for the appliance.

hope this answers your question, have a nice day.

JGN Electrical.

Joseph Narey.


Answered 18th Jun 2017

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