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Advice re double story side extension on 3 bed semi detached house

We are looking to build a double story side extension on a 3 bed semi detached house that has already has a full width (5metre) single storey rear extension going back 3metres. The hope is to build a 4metre wide extension and completely open up the back of the house into a kitchen dinner/living room. The end result would be a space approximately 9metres wide by 6.5 metres deep.
Currently, the rear of the house is split into two long rooms (dining room 6.5m by 3m) and a long galley kitchen (6.5m by 2m). There is an RSJ supporting the original back of the house spanning from the left side wall across to the kitchen (supported on both sides plus the wall separating the kitchen/dining room.

My question relates to removing structural support walls. Is it even possible to replace the right hand side wall of the kitchen (currently the side wall of the house) and replace with steel plus have a large span to support the back of the house so it can be completely opened up. I appreciate you need structural engineers to review but wanted to get a sense of whether this is even possible..?

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Yes this is possible. Unless you are in a conservation area it would be permitted development


Answered 12th Dec 2015

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