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Builder drilled through wire

My builder was putting outside light back on wall a few months ago when he was doing it it tripped the electric. When I went outside to see what happened he said it's okay just the drill, I said shouldn't the electric be off while u do it he said no. Anyway light went back & I thout no more about it. Apart from lights dimming now and again in house. Anyway today came home & light was hanging off wall, when I looked I could see he':d only put one screw in to hold it up, so annoyed I went and found another screw. When I went to put the screw in the other hole the electric tripped Id did this twice till I notice that in that particular hole(that had been minus a screw) the wires had been drilled through. Horror as could have been electrocuted. I realised that the builder had actually drilled through wire and that's why he hadn't put two screws in. Phoned builder who came down and more or less said Ihe had rushed down just for that. He said he'd come tomorrow and drill 2 other holes to fix it back but didn't seem bothered about the fact they drilled through wires and fixed light bak months ago & didn't say anything. How dangerousness is this? Do I need electrician?

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Yes the damage to the cable requires repairing and insulation reinstating both by whatever method is appropriate. As is outside eventually damp will get in and will be tripping out.


Answered 30th Nov 2015

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