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Radiators upstairs stay cold in a newly re-plumbed house?

We did a house renovation between January and March. The plumber said that the radiators were fine and didn't need replacing apart from new thermostatic valves (only a couple of new radiators were put in where we knocked walls down etc). However when we turn the heating on the radiators in the bedrooms upstairs stay cold? The bathroom towel radiator upstairs gets piping hot. And the radiators in the living room downstairs which were the old ones work as well as the new ones downstairs (kitchen, guest loo, hallway). Is there something wrong with the radiators in the bedrooms for them not to be working? The plumber said he had done a whole house check including all the central heating before completing the job. We had a new combo boiler fitted and everything. Is there something that I might have missed or is there something wrong and I need to get someone in to fix it? As it's all newly done I'm wondering what's going on. Many thanks in advance for your kindly sharing your advice.

*** Update: It turns out that our radiators were too old and full of sludge. Our new plumber banged them to get it to move and warm up. But he said every time that the radiators go off the sludge would settle and get stuck again. He said our previous plumber ought to have replaced the radiators in the first place (but he told us we didn't need to). Now we have new ones that work well and are more energy efficient. No wonder all the tricks I tried to get the old ones working were futile!

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Maybe air in rads, have you tried venting them. Are valves open?


Answered 3rd Dec 2015

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