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Leaking guttering and damp flaking plaster in inside wall. what can i do?

A few years ago the top of my bedroom wall became damp and the plaster blistered. The guttering outside appeared to be leaking significantly at the join with next door terrace guttering. Water was running down the wall. The guttering was repaired by my builder at the time and the wall dried out an replastered. Now the blistering and flaking is back. Not sure if the guttering is leaking again or the wall just isn't drying out. What should i do? Is this a roofing job or do i need a general builder? Not sure where to start would be grateful for your advice.

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Hi there,

From your description i would say that you require a roofer. I imagine that the new joint that was installed is failing, this can be something as simple as a foriegn body in the joint when it was installed i.e. Sand, grit etc. or it is not the correct joint for your existing guttering (which i have seen on numerous occassions!). If the second instance is correct then the rubber insert inside is not compressed and so not doing its intended job.

I would install the correct part for the job and it is well worth checking that you have no broken tiles/slates above the affected area and that all roofing felt is intact beneath them.

Another bit of advice is to have a roofer pop round to you during a down pour, this will expose any obvious problem to the fall of the gutter, which may have been altered due to a slightly misaligned bracket.

Finally, have any downpipes you have checked for blockages. Sounds obvious but if water is sitting in there for too long it always finds a way!

Hope this has helped?

Many thanks,


Answered 26th Sep 2011

post the job in damp proof section it could be a varity of differant reasons and requires an inspection to asses the problem.

hope this is of help alex


Answered 26th Sep 2011

1st of all wall the gutter re-newed or just repaired?
didnt that take of the old plaster or just dry out the old rub down and re-paint


Answered 26th Sep 2011

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