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Do i need to rewire my property?

im about to buy a property which was built in 1930. as faer as i know it has the original wiring, the cables are black rubber which havent been used since the 60's therefore atleast 40 yrs old. i want to know if i need to or should have it rewired when i exchange the contract?


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The answer to your question is yes the property will definately need rewiring not only to bring it to current regulations but for safety reasons aswell, hope this helps you


Answered 25th Sep 2011

Absolutely 100% yes.
The cable is known as VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber).

The lighting circuits will not have an earthing conductor within the cable.
The cable will be extremely brittle and cause many problems.

Just putting a new CU (consumer unit/fuse board) on will highlight the problems with the existing wiring.

I would put that at the top of my priority list if I was you.


Answered 25th Sep 2011

The chances are yes, if the wiring is as old as you say, for safety, it is best to rewire. It is also better to have it done before you move into the property and before any decorating as this will work out cheeper to have it rewired.

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Answered 25th Sep 2011

Hi Carrying out a Periodic Inspection Report will help answer a lots of Question as suggested. For about £150 a full periodic Inspection will tell you the state of the installation and the extent to which rewire may be needed. Some circuits may have been rewireed more recently i.e. cooker or Shower which means the whole house may not need rewire.


Answered 12th Dec 2011

Your best bet is to first spend £150 ish on a full periodic inspection which will give you an idea of exactly what is needed.


Answered 27th Sep 2011

100% yes


Answered 4th Oct 2011

YOU NEED A RE-WIRE , The state of that cable if you take a look will be brittle and needs immediate attention . Do not put yourself or others at risk , electricity KILLS , get an electrician to advise NOW . Cables of that age contain no earth conductor for lighting and is a fire waiting to happen .


Answered 10th Oct 2011

As others have responded it really should be rewired as this type of wiring is life expired. Whilst rewiring can be quite expensive, you need to be aware that if a fire were to occur in the future the insurance company will often try all sorts of tricks to avoid paying out and having wiring in a poor state could invalidate your house insurance? Whilst I accept its rare, I have known of two instances like this over the last 25years where the insurer has refused to pay out because the wiring was obviously in a poor state and had been ignored by the house owner.


Answered 31st Oct 2011

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