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Part p certification of work by unregistered contractor

I have just found that the local business I got to do electrical and plumbing work to turn a bathroom into an electric shower used unregistered installers, claiming to believe that the work was not notifiable. My local Building Control tell me some of the work was notifiable but we may be able to get a NAPIT or other registered electrician in to certify the work. But NAPIT's Web site say their members can certify third party work only if they see it from the beginning. Is it too late? Some wires are now embedded in walls behind tiling.

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It is too late at this stage for third party certification as visual inspections are required at every stage to ensure cables are run in a safe manner. All the testing in the world will not ensure this to be so.
If you approach building control again and inform them of your situation they may accept an electrical installation condition report(EICR) and then issue the compliance certificate.


Answered 17th Nov 2015


Unfortunately the major and most trusted schemes such as NAPIT, Elecsa and NICEIC do not offer 3rd party registration, so it might be difficult to find someone able to do this. (I believe that STROMA members can do it though).

An alternative is to get someone registered to do the work again. I hope this helps and that you can get it sorted,



Answered 17th Nov 2015

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