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Front wall from house suffers from bad brickwork / spalling caused by water ingress and salt. replace all bricks necessary or only worse affected??

2 possible causes: - House is build in mid 50-ies. 10 years ago cavity wall insulation been put in. Might cause damp problem in bricks.
- Drain pipe from roof not connected on sewage.

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I would cut out all the bad bricks and replace, cut out all mortar joints 30mm deep and repoint complete wall, if old bricks use lime mortar.
This should alleviate your problem with spalled brickwork.
If your insulation was fitted correctly, you shouldnt have a damp problem.
Re, rainwater pipe, make sure you have no leaks, check gutters and joints.
A house that old could have had the rainwater going into mains drains.
Check that they do go somewhere, pour water with food dye in and check manholes,if not they may go to an old soakaway that has now silted and not working.
Easy enough to form new soakaway, 6m from buildings.


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

firstly check for the cause ie damp caused from any leaking fixtures such as gutters or downpipes etc... replace all damaged bricks and check insulation and also check for any damp proofing at the foot of the offending wall. cut out and re point the wall to a depth of 15mm with weather struck pointing and add sealer such as silka seal a clear water protective coting to be absolutely confident of non re occurance.


Answered 8th Mar 2011

you would need to replace all bricks necessary check pointing it is probably caused by leaking pipe over a period of time the insulation should nt cause damp problems all pipes checked for leaks repaired if leaking check if drains are running underground correctly may hve to take manhole lids up to check no blockages


Answered 11th Mar 2011

bricks from time to time do suffer from frost damage you can replace the damaged one and seal the wall whit weather seal that should stop the problem


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

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