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Running a fused spur from a socket outlet

I have run a fused spur with a 2.5mm cable from a socket outlet.
I have used a 5 Amp fuse and have three lights in a run after the FCU, using 1mm cable, all switched from the FCU.
When i flick the switch the lights come on but VERY dimly!?
How do i sort this out?

Thanks in advance.

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Could be a number of things. Each light requires a live and neutral to work. Depending on the type of light Polarity must be correct or may not work/damage electronic components. If you plug a lamp in to the socket you spurred from and the same happens would point to a connection problem at the socket. Retrace your steps. Check and double check every connection. Make sure each light has a live and a neutral (and Earth of course). And you have used correct type of fuse for the spur. BS 1362


Answered 30th Jan 2016

Well you might have wired them in series rather than parallel, ( more easily done than you think) I would re-visit your connections as this is more likely to be the problem. Can't see it being volt drop. Have you a voltage tester?


Answered 14th Nov 2015

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