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Whole house re-wiring

After re-wiring does the electricians cover the holes in walls them selves? and do they have leave the room clean eg. carpet back and floorboards screwed back on?

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Whenever I'm doing a house rewire I always arrange the remedial plasterwork myself as part of the service and include the cost of such work within my quotation. This arrangement offers much more flexibiity as I can arrange for my plasterer to attend as and when required rather than rely on the customer to make the arrangement.

Leaving floorboards up is completely unacceptable and potentially hazardous. All floorboards that have been lifted during the course of the work must ALWAYS be securely refitted. No reputable, professional electrical contractor would do otherwise.

As for cleaning-up the mess one makes on a job, it is only right and proper that the tradesman clears up behind himself. The golden rule is: never do in someone else's home what you wouldn't do in your own.


Answered 14th Nov 2015

Hello Sarkani. I assume the holes in the walls are is the chasing out? ie where the plaster has been racked away to allow installation of the cables? If this is the case, the electrician should agree up front if they are responsible for filling these or if they are to source a plasterer. If not, this will be down to you.
As for tidying up and making sure the place is safe to walk around- YES. Every tradesman worth their salt will ensure your property is clean, tidy and SAFE before they leave.


Answered 13th Nov 2015

Agree with Canon. I always sort out who is going to be responsible for making good etc beforehand.Then insert it into the written quote then everybody is singing off the same sheet. Not acceptable boards left up and messy under any circumstances.


Answered 14th Nov 2015

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