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No power to cooker

I'm trying to establish what the problem is with my cooker for about 2 weeks now my cooker has been tripping my fuse some days it didn't and some days did. I had my landlord out and the electrics were apparently Checked and a new cooker switch was fitted as it looked burnt out. It has been fine since so I thought problem solved. Well no my whole cooker had decided to die on me it's only 3 years old and was really expensive so shouldn't be on its way out. How do I know if it's the cooker or the connection or wiring. Need help please.

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It sounds like it may be an overload, any idea on the rating of the oven? would be worth having a local electrician attend as he will be able to diagnose the problem in no time.

Does the RCD trip out or just the breaker for the cooker circuit?




Answered 11th Nov 2015

If the fixed wiring has been fully tested, it will usually be a problem with cooker heater element. Just because the cooker is fairly new doesn't mean it can't develop a fault. Best to get the cooker PAT tested which will tell you if the problem is with cooker or fixed wiring. This can be done by any competent electrician. You say the switch looked burnt out, which may mean it's either too old or has been over-loaded. Again you need to get an electrician to check the cooker and or the cooker to identify where the problem is.


Answered 24th Oct 2016

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