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Electrician wants more money for certificate


We have an ongoing discussion with our electrician. It's a bit involved so bear with me - it basically involves being let down by many people.

We were doing up a house and had a handy man doing most of the work. I got in an electrician who said he didn't have time to do it, but that the house needed a full rewire, he said the handy man seemed competent and he'd be happy to oversee his work and just do the consumer unit at the end. The handy man started to work on the kitchen and did almost all of the wiring.

Now the handy man was so rarely on our job that we started asking for other trades to come and help out. One electrician would do the job as a foreigner and gave us a good price and good timescale so we agreed. He said don't have the handy man do any more electrics though. Credit to him he did the job really quickly. Now, I paid him in full as he said the certificate would take a few weeks to come through. On the day we paid him I said "how come you haven't installed the earth to the water main", he said I thought your handy man was doing it. I said well, if you want I'll get him to do it. In the end I did it. The other thing he said was "these switches and sockets you bought are crap, you should have got hager instead". I said, well I'll replace them if you think it's best, and so I did.

I then phone him to ask where the certificate was and he said his boss wouldn't put it through the business because of the water main not being earthed. I told him I'd earthed it. He said he'd have to come back and retest all the sockets I'd replaced and that he'd need more money for it.

So now we're at a point where it feels like he's saying you need this certificate but you're going to have to pay more for it. I feel like I've done loads myself to just help get the work done such as installing the earth and changing the socket fronts at his recommendation. And now he's saying because I've done what he recommended I need to pay more.

I'm tempted to say, well I need to inform building control now because this work's been done and no certificate provided. He presumably isn't registered personally with any trade organisation, but certainly shouldn't be carrying out work without notifying building control. How should I approach this? I have plenty of evidence in text messages, but I don't want to risk getting a brick through the window.

Thanks for your advice.

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First of all no one should be touching your electrics unless they are a part of a competent person scheme and registered with either NAPIT/NIC/ELECSA this is because these electricians have to abide by a code of practice namely BS7671 which requires inspection & testing of relevant circuits to ensure they comply and are safe and then issue you with the relevant electrical certificate on completion?
It is not acceptable to let so called handymen mess about with an electrical installation this so called electrician is obviously not registered full stop? In relation to your earthing a check is made before any electrical work is undertaken to confirm 1. there is main earth bonding installed for Gas and Water 2. the Main Earthing Conductor is up to spec and 3. whether there is RCD Protection.
My advice to you is the following try to find out if indeed this so called electrician is registered if he is you can threaten him with contacting his relevant scheme to say he has done substandard work and isn't prepared to give you the certificate? This should give him the kick up the backside he needs to produce it? If he isn't then I would be reporting him to your local trading standards because he shouldnt be operating at all!!
Lastly the only other option for you is to ask someone from Building Control to come out and test the work that has been undertaken however you will incur a charge from them and they will be expensive or probably the best option is to Contact NAPIT/NIC/ELECSA as they are now running what is known as a Third Party Inspection Scheme where one of their registered electricians will come out and check the work which has been completed then and only then if the work is safe will they sign the relevant certificate for you?
Best of luck
Black Electricals


Answered 11th Nov 2015

Well I'm a member of Elecsa and even if they paid me I wouldn't 3rd party certify. I wouldn't 3rd party anything under any circumstances I think you might find that Elecsa & Nic voted against it. (Both being members of Certsure) When I had my assessment last month I asked the question and it was ( thankfully) NO! Anyway, back to the customer asking the questions, I really would Persue this idiot, actually he apparently said he would do 3rd party certification. Check him out to see if he is registered with the competant persons scheme if he is get on to his scheme and report it, if not trading standards etc. My Guess is, he is not even a spark. As far as building control are concerned throw yourself on their mercy explain the circumstances, they might be able to help you out. Best of luck.


Answered 11th Nov 2015

I'll echo what others have said about using people like handymen to do electrics as they have little understanding, other than the advice, as to how electricity works, how and where to run cable, and other vital regulations that must be adhered to. And also that, in my opinion, only a madman would test and certify somebody else's work.

In response to the very first quote from "Black Electrical" saying that anybody who touches electrics having to be part of a competent persons scheme, it is absolute nonsense, and these so called "competent persons" schemes are the main problem facing the electrical industry at the moment. This is because they are charging in the region of £500pa to enrol people who are "competent" and this financial incentive is leading them to sign people up who have had just 5-6 weeks of electrical training and have no idea what they're doing. All the schemes actually do is allow you to notify local area building control of work (not all electrical work) that needs notifying for far cheaper than getting a building control inspector out.


Answered 15th Nov 2015

I would agree with most of the comments above.
Only in the last few days I have been shortlisted by a potential customer from this site (which cost me and others £6).
Initially he asked for minor electrical work to be done, then contacted me via email and said that his father would be doing the work without uk qualifications and would I "sign it off", also the work went from a minor job to a "lot of electrical" work.
You can guess my answer, I hope the other sparks followed suit, I do not know any spark who would sign off another's work without knowing them or being involved in the job.


Answered 22nd Feb 2016

You should let him know that he shouldn't be powering up any circuits until all the bonding is in place, and all necessary tests have been carried out. I hope you got this sorted.


Answered 18th Jun 2016

It's a horrible situation to be in as a home owner its down to you, you could be held responsable if anyone is injured in your home. This is partly why the part P schemes were setup to help home owners comply with building regs and to keep every one safe.
To safe guard your self report the builder building control and trading standards. They may advise you what steps to take next. Or take a look at the electricsafe web site to get an electrician that is willing to under take any remedial works needed to complete the works that will comply with building regs. Remember the jobs not complete till the paper work is finished.
Your unlikley to here from the builder ever again specally as you've paid him.
Good luck.


Answered 12th Nov 2015

I have recently joined stroma a relatively new governing body just like niceic/napit. They offer 3rd party certification. But personally I think the installation would require a 100% inspection and test before it could be signed off and a certificate issued with part p notification. But this would be pricey due to how long it would take to carry out 100% but this may be your only option. Good luck.
Ste Maltby


Answered 9th May 2018

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