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Is it safe to run pvc trunking through a bathroom

I need to run five 6mm cables in a commercial property. The shortest way would be to run them in surface mounted trunking through the bathroom.
This would follow the wall around at ceiling level at a height of 2.4 metres.
In the safe zone.
The only thing I am worried about is that part of the trunking would be over but well above a shower unit.
There would be no breaks in or connections to the trunking within the bathroom.

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Firstly, a kitchen is not a special location. And secondly, wiring in surface trunking has nothing whatsoever to do with Zones and can run anywhere. The zones are only relevant when it comes to final circuit terminations and switchgear, and what zone it can be placed in is determined by each piece of equipment.

All circuits running through bathrooms should now be protected by RCD though, that is correct.


Answered 16th Nov 2015


Here is a link to the IET website that explains the requirements of electrical installations in locations containing a bath or a shower.

There is also a downloadable PDF on the above website for further information.

Hope this helps!

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Answered 11th Nov 2015

All wires running through "special Locations" (Kitchen & Bathrooms) must be protected by an RCD. So long as the trunking is outside the zones it's ok. But it won't look nice!


Answered 12th Nov 2015

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