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Flue and plume deflector

My boiler is a Worcester 42CDI Greenstar.I have a telescopic flue and a plume deflector at the end with the opening facing up. I am concerned when it rains, water will get into the flue and flow back into the boiler. Will this be a problem? Thanks

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Hi would have to disagree with the previous answer its a 100% no no get it change asap Dave Ward gas engineer


Answered 6th Nov 2015

It wont mater to much with newer boilers as they are condensing anyway it will go into the the condense drain at the bottom of the boiler.


Answered 6th Nov 2015

I agree with Dave ward it must not be facing up, in case of heavy rain your condensing pipe cant cope with the extra amount of water and will lead to shut off boiler sometimes due to full trap and will affect as well boiler efficiency
hurry have it changed please.


Answered 15th Jan 2016

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