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Mother-in-law gone into a home. Need to disconnect fridge freezer and cooker which are hardwired into wall to give to charity. How do I do this?

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Ring an electrician to disconnect them


Answered 6th Nov 2015

I agree with Deacon Electrical Services. Part P made the wiring regulations law in domestic dwellings. The wiring regs say, only a "skilled person" should do this. Not many electricians would have a bash at being a doctor for the day, and not many patients agree to it. You must think about the safety of the people (the new family that buy the home) coming in after you, then think about your own safety.

If the installation is correct, the disconnection task is relatively simple, and a google search will tell you how to do it. But if you're searching something quite simple as this on google then that is a warning to get an electrician. You can't see, hear or smell electricity; but you can feel it.

Sorry to be blunt. Please take it as a friendly advice, not as a put down. It’s good to give to charity and not easy to take a member of the family’s home apart under the circumstances.


Answered 29th Jun 2017

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