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Un finished and messy job

I just recently had an extension and my builder has not done the job to a good standard. I've contacted him few times but he is not replying he had received full amount which is £33000 for one room and a bathroom. He used very cheap material the flour is uneven, floor tiles move when you walk on them I can see big gaps in double glazed Windows and doors. He is not a qualified plumber but he did the plumbing himself and I was told at the beginning that he will give me the certificate for plumbing but he never given me any certificate. He damaged my burglar alarm, boiler my back and front garden. All the tiles work is uneven and big gaps in between. I have got a big lists of the jobs he has not done properly or left incomplete. These are things I can see but my concern is if he has not done other work properly like plumbing roofing or any other technical things which I cannot check or spot any problem now but may be later on it could be a big trouble. I have not got the proper contract but I have the one which he outlined himself and we both signed. Some of the payment I transferred into his account and most of the payment was in cash because he wanted the cash but I've got his signature on the contract for every single payment. I don't think that he is a registered builder. Can I still sue him? Or what can I do to make him to fix unfinished and messy jobs he had done. I will be very grateful if any one advice me about my problem.

Hi Brendan
Thank you very much for your reply and advice. I've posted a letter to my builder through a recorded delivery, On 1/11/15 and explained all my concerns and problems but he has not replied me back as usual. I also mentioned that if he doesn't not contact me within ten days I have no other option left apart from taking legal action. I just wanted some more advice what will be next step if he doesn't not contact me back.
I would be really grate full for your advice and support.
With kind regards.

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Sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your Builder.
Firstly i would send him a letter by recorded delivery listing all of the issues you have had including unfinished and unsatisfactory works. In the letter i would also ask him for a copy of his builders insurance which should cover any structural problems if they occur in the future. If he does not have the necessary insurances in place, then you will require from him a signed letter headed document stating he will rectify any structural issues if they occur within the next 6 year period. State in the letter he has 10 days to come back to you with a satisfactory response or you will be taking legal action.
If he is taking on large scale projects such as yours, he will not want to face legal action and any bad publicity that may arise or a visit from Trading standards. I would presume he would try to put right some of the wrong just to prevent this course of action. Let me know how you get on.
Most importantly moving forward, when employing any new contractor in the future, check references, insurances and don't deal in cash.
Best regards
Moloney Contractors


Answered 31st Oct 2015

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