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Do i need a fused spur or is a plug with a fuse ok?

Hi, I've just bought a nuaire PIV system (glorified fan) to go in the loft and it says it should be connected to a switched fused spur and isolator:

"The 3 core mains cable from the power supply should be connected to a fixed wiring installation, via the isolator, via the spur, in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations"

As I've already got sockets in my loft, is there any reason not to just connect a plug with a 1amp fuse to the power supply?? Whats the difference between a fused spur and a plug? (sorry if this is a silly question!)



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You will not find a registered electrician that will tell you its ok to ignore manufacturers fitting instructions as technically these are the minimum requirement.
Its not really much trickier to fit a switched fused spur instead of a plug.


Answered 20th Oct 2015

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