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Turning off a combi boiler

Hi. I know you must be busy but i really hope you can help. I have a 6 month old Worcester combi boiler which works fine. But it emits a very low hum which is driving me crazy. Its in an airing cupboard which backs onto my bedroom wall. During the day its barely audible. Would it be okay to turn it off at night? I know we wouldn't have heat first thing on the timer but at least I'd get a nights sleep. Janice

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

its fine to turn off, however it does need someone to have a look at it for you.
the case might not be screwed of tight as that boiler should be very quite.
as its a new boiler i would get in contact with Worcester direct and see what they recommend.


Answered 11th Jan 2016

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