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Is it possible to lay new vinyl over old?

There is existing vinyl that is old but in good condition, no rips or tears, is it possible to lay new vinyl over the top? There is plenty of room under the doors and door treads where it joins other rooms with carpet?

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Yes, no problem,
Although many manufactures will state that you should strip all flooring and re prepare subfloor in my experience it is better to leave old vinyl down especially if stuckdown or your subfloor is in poor condition, in 40 years I have never had a floor " fail" due to installing one over the other providing its in good condition.



Answered 31st Mar 2018

actually no it's a very bad idea if you get 2 impervious materials one on top of the other it creates a sweating point, this will lead to a floor failure.


Answered 9th Nov 2015

Hi, in my 20 years experience I have never had a floor fail that has been fitted over an old vinyl. An experienced fitter will know straight away. As long as it sound and free from debris, the adhesive, such as pressure sensitive, has had enough time to go tacky, reducing bubbles and any lift, in my opinion, not a problem


Answered 3rd Jan 2019

No it is not advised to install vinyl over existing vinyl. Along with the fact you can cause sweating of the material, you can also cause shrinkage and plasticizer migration which stains the new vinyl with off-gas product from the one below due to them reacting with each other. Pull it up and start again. Its just sheer laziness if you dont


Answered 24th May 2019

Fitting vinyl on top is a very common thing especially for floor levels. It isn't fully reccomended but have had no problems in the past. If it is just spray glued down the old vinyl take it up is best but all vinyl glued down then its optional.


Answered 31st May 2016

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