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How to get hot water without turning on radiators.

We have a back boiler in our house. The way it works is, we have to turn on the central heating which heats up the radiators to get hot water.

Someone suggested me that a valve can be put to the hot water tank and a new control system, which can give me a option to use either hot water or radiators, or both.

Right now, its either both or none.

Can someone suggest how much this options will cost me? And is it any good?

P.S - Our hot water tank also has an immersion, but its electric and so don't want to use it.

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you have 2 options and are as you stated. depending on the system itself you could put a 3 port valve in and controls to allow the use of hot water, heating or both, this would have to be accessed before you know for definite if this could be installed. the easier option is just to use the immersion and heat the cylinder before use. if use correctly it shouldn't cost you too much to run.



Answered 12th Oct 2015

Hi although mclis correct in suggesting what can be done.However I would get some one to do a site visit.You say you have a back boiler this could be at least 20 years old some systems worked on pump heating and gravity hot water.However many systems get altered many by unskilledpeople So before you spend money on putting valves in make sure that what any one proposes d does not close off the expansion or coldfeerd to the system Dave plumber gas engineer


Answered 13th Oct 2015

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