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Building or demolition sites where we might be able to get some materials - for tv show

Hello, thanks for looking. I work for a TV production company and we're making a new property show. We use reclaimed, surplus, salvaged or unsellable materials to get building work done for deserving families that couldn't afford it without our help.

If you know of any building sites or demolition sites where we might be able to get some materials - anything from plasterboard, plywood or even bathroom suits - or if you've got any yourself, please get in touch and help us out.

I can email a more detailed list of materials if you send your email.

In North Shields, North Wales, Liverpool, Glasgow areas.

Thanks very much.

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Hi sorry your out of my area but if you ever find your self in the Oxfordshire area please do not hesitate to contact me as I always have stuff which can be used in projects such as yours and would also love to offer my services (labour) FOC.




Answered 8th Mar 2011

I am in Liverpool I have some new internal doors and a few other bits in my container never used you are more than welcome my email is and good luck


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

Hi, As no one else has answered your question,we are not in your areas, but if it is of any help, you may try the Free Cycle mags, and sites,most of these mags etc have a free section,Gumtree is another site with a free section, there are loads in our area, and all offer the items you describe.
Normally free to collector.
Failing that you could sign up Melinda Messenger she seems to get all her stuff free.


Answered 4th Mar 2011

Not sure if it helps but i have a white bathroom cabinet with semi recessed sink you can have.


Answered 4th Mar 2011

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