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New vaillant ecotec615 gas valve broken due to condensing pipe congestion

in may, 2015 i had a vaillant ecotect plus 615 boiler installed. 2 days ago, we noticed water dripping (very slowly) from the boiler. I called the boiler who said he will come around in 2 days. in those 2 days boiler shut down with F28 & F54 codes. he came a day later (!) and said that the condensation pipe has blockage for which he will have to charge me extra! he came around today, de-congested and then said that gas valve has broken as due to poor flow of conndensed water, the gas valve is gone and asked me for 150 pounds. Now there is 5 year part & labour gaurantee and i bought this 5 months ago. so i asked this chap why he is asking me to pay. he then said - he will pay 100 form his pocket but he would like to see me foot 50 as well!!! he also told me to not tell vaillant that gas valve packed up due to condensation water making it to gas valve.

clearly, he has gotten something wrong. He is lying to the manufacturer, he is asking me to lie to them and he is asking me to give him 50 for the gas valve and 40 for unblocking condensation pipe.

I am really stressed, spent so much money on ew boiler and this person has messed it up in 5 months and has the cheek of asking me for money. I have the gas safety registration certificate that he gave me. what are my options guys?

1. is he correct in asking me 40 pounds for unblocking drain?
2. why would he be hiding this issue from Vaillant and asking me to lie as well?
3. with 5 year parts & labour guarantee - i dont want to spend a single dime. what could he be hiding?

what should I do? if he is a fake or doesnt have gas safe registry, then is my guarantee even valid?

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First call vaillant explain the problem and ask for there engineer to visit secondly check with gas safe register to ascertain the credentials of your engineer its illegal to work on gas products unless registered .If your engineer is registered then call gas safe who will visit site to inspect and mediate with you and the engineer Dave gas engineer


Answered 11th Oct 2015

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