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Cooker hood ducting through vent axia fan

Hi i would like to know that I installed cooker hood in my kitchen and in cecling there is a vent axia fan boost. I would like to know is possible to connect the ducting pipe though vent axia fan and is it safe? I belive I have to break cecling to connect pipe.


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Hi, I appreciate your unusual situation but the fact remains that should the fan develop a fault and therefore be a fire risk you won't be able to get to it.
Yes you may be able to switch it off but it isn't really recommended that you box in the fan. Unless of course you are only using the fans ducting then that would be fine.
Kind regards, Nick Page.
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Answered 15th Nov 2015

Hi , if ducting pipe directly connected out side and also is above extractor fan? yes but we must remove the ceiling fan then connect the cooker hood extractor to ducting pipe.


Answered 20th Oct 2016

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