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Rear extension boarderline wall on neighbour side

I recently have purchased a semi detached house and have put in application for extension of 6 meter at the back under neighbour consultation. We had a visit from the council and they said will let us know their decision by end of Oct-15 as the publicity end date is today.

The plan that we submitted shows the wall of the extension to the neighbour is not in line with existing but leaving some space. Currently the neighbour has got conservatory but he has left some space too. So I have asked the architect if we can rather use the space and build in line with our existing property. He says we can just ask the neighbour if ok as we do not need to change the plan and can amend it on building control plan.

Does this sound correct? Can the neighbour object to that? Even if they object, can we still do it as it is at the end of the day our border line?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

no the neighbour cannot object,,but it would be wise to inform them of your intensions as normally the builder will need to gain access to your neighbours property to build off


Answered 31st Jan 2017

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