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Electric sub meter installation?

i have one meter (mpan) but am in the process of selling the two properties that in effect both use it (the meter itself is a long way from either property 200M+) dont ask that just the way it has been done! UK Power networks are looking for the price of a small flat to install new meter direct to the property. Given both properties will be sold to separate people is there any way to sub meter one from the other ? or to have two submeters one for each property.

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Yes it is possible to sub meter, but this will be a job for the DNO (district network operator) such as Western Power or similar where you live. This will not be a job for an ordinary electrician as they do not own the meters etc. Hope this helps.


Answered 6th Oct 2015

I am assuming that the cable from the current metering point has been privately installed and has not been done by the DNO (UK Power). You can ask if the current supply to the current meter position is large enough to carry another 80A supply. If this can be done it would be far far cheaper to run a new cable from the new meter installed in the same place than getting the DNO to add a new supply directly to one of the properties.

Be very careful with splitting two properties on a separate supply as each new owner will quite rightfully expect an 80A supply to their property, splitting the current supply is full of issues.


Answered 6th Oct 2015

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