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Why are the downstairs lights not working when all the upstairs ones are???

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On a different circuit, check your fuse box...

Answered 20th Sep 2011

NLC Carpentry & Joinery

Member since 2 Jul 2011

Have you checked your main fuseboard to see if you've tripped a switch on the downstairs lights (assuming they are on a seperate circuit)?

Answered 20th Sep 2011

carl melady

Member since 1 Jun 2008

There could be many reasons why, it could be something simple like your fuse has tripped. It could also be a loose connection in the consumer unit. If you have an old consumer unit with rewireable fuses i would check to make sure it hasnt blown. There are many different reasons why but an electrician to quickly test the circuit would find out where the problem is!

Answered 20th Sep 2011

JLT Electrical

Member since 29 Oct 2010

The house is generally split into different circuits for individual parts of the house.It is probable that the down stairs circuit has blown a fuse or got a fault on while the upstairs circuit is still fine,

Answered 20th Sep 2011

B.C Electrical Contractors

Member since 22 Aug 2011

the upstairs and downstairs lights are normaly on 2 seperate circuits, check the fuses/breakers.

Answered 20th Sep 2011

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

Its called division of circuits, your down and up lights should be on differnt circuits, cahec your mcb/fuse. If you are unsure, it is best to have a qualified electrician check it out, (not a very big job)

Answered 25th Sep 2011

TJS Electrical Services

Member since 14 Jul 2011

It maybe that you have a split load board, or you upstairs and downstairs lights are on different circuit breakers. Hope this helps


Answered 20th Sep 2011

CH Electrics

Member since 15 Nov 2010

Your lights are probably on 2 separate circuits, which ideally they should be, and the circuit breaker may have tripped for the downstairs lights or If you have a modern split load consumer unit protected by RCD's the RCD on the side with the downstairs lights may have tripped. Is anything else not working?. Go to the consumer unit. See which circuit breaker or RCD has tripped. Re set it. If it immediately trips again call an electrician.


Andy Hough (Property Refurbishment)
NIC EIC Domestic Electrician

Answered 20th Sep 2011

Andy Hough (Property Refurbishment)

Member since 25 Jul 2011

Hi , your upstairs and downstairs lights are on different circuits( each has own fuse at fuse board normally 6 amp). May just be blown fuse if old re wireable cartridge type.

Kind regards


Answered 20th Sep 2011

Francis Electrical Services

Member since 10 Feb 2010

Your lights appear to be on different circuit from one another and should be on with a different RCD protecting it. Your fuse board should be split and so upstairs lighting and downstairs power will be protected separately to the downstairs lighting and upstairs power. This is so you have either or if a fault does occur on one side of your fuse board causing it to trip.

Answered 7th Nov 2017

R Strachan and Son Electrical Ltd

Member since 23 Feb 2016

try looking at the fuse for the upstairs lights. you will probably find there is another one for your downstairs lights. These are the fuses on the fuseboard.

Answered 20th Sep 2011

Abrahams and Keeling

Member since 1 Dec 2009

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