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Electrician certificate by alternative electrician?

We have had our electrician walk off our flat renovation with about 20% left to do. He just stopped showing up and is not responding to phone calls/emails/texts. We do not want him back on site as he's already caused significant delays. We also do not trust him anymore.

However, how do we approach getting an electrical certificate for building control? I've had quotes for electricians who say they can finish the job + provide a certificate, but others who say it is only the person who's designed/put down the wires who can certify - what do I believe?

How do I approach this??

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

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An installation certificate (EIC) can only be provided by the person who carried out the work. In your case where the electrician has walked away from the job you would need an approved contractor to come and do a condition report (EICR) on the property as it stands now, this will only cover the property’s condition as an overall and won’t have any responsibility for the recent works carried out. But this will tell you if your house is safe and the work that’s been carried out is to a satisfactory standard or not.


Answered 5th Jan 2018

If the work involved included the installation of new circuits or a fuse board changed- they would require a Electrical Installation Certificate ('EIC') -this should only be issued by the electrician that carried out the work. However is situations like this where the electrician stops/leaves the job and another electrician takes over- all he can really do is issue a Electrical Installation Condition Report ('EICR') - which basically just reports whether the work is up to a good standard or not- but doesn't really take responsibility of the work as a signed 'EIC' would. Some building controls accept a 'EICR' if a 'EIC' can not be issued. Hope this helped. JC Electrical.


Answered 30th Sep 2015

I take it that your electrician wasn't part of a scheme provider, for part p notification? If he was you could go to them and complain. If he is not ( why not) ? How was he going to notify to building control? As above answer really EICR might suffice ask Building Control and explain your predicament. Good luck.


Answered 1st Oct 2015

Speak to local building control, after an inspection they may agree to an EICR, if not then you will have to start again.

You are simply not allowed to certify other peoples work, if someone has agreed to bend this rule, what other rules are they bending. AVOID.


Answered 6th Oct 2015

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