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Can you lay a foundation on the wall of a manhole?

Hi we are in a process of building an extension outside of our 3 bedroom house. once the builders dig the foundation we saw that the manhole is much bigger than expected and is partly in the way of our foundation. The foundation is 60 cm wide and over 1 meter deep. When I asked Building Regulations if we can build over a manhole they said yes, but they didn't say much more... I wold like to check if you may know if we can lay a foundation on one of the wall of the manhole?
Many thanks!

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Get your builder to span the manhole with concrete lintel


Answered 29th Sep 2015

Yes this is fine but me myself not being a builder but a drainage specialist with over 24 yrs exp. I would divert drains away from new extension or have drains cctv inspected to see about there condition as if drain has a slight open joint,crack then problems may arise to which would be very costly should the drains cause any movement over the coming years.i would have drains cctv inspected ,replaced only if needed with plastic so there will be no pipe joints next to build and if possible re route drains. This is just my opinion as being a drain man I come across damaged drains by extensions conservatory etc time n time again. I am in the Morecambe,Lancaster area should you require me to visit,inspect the drainage you have. Thanks Alan.


Answered 18th Oct 2015

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