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All electrical socket not working on first floor but not tripped on consumer board

Hi We really need some advice please. All of first floor electrical socket are not working. But we checked consumer board none of them tripped. We also tried to flip the switches to reset them. It still not working. Any idea what this might be?
Many thanks

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The MCB (the switches you flipped) in the board that feeds your first floor sockets may have failed (no longer letting power through) or that MCB may not be tightened onto the busbar (the piece of copper that feeds the MCB's) correctly so it is no longer making a connection. If I were fault finding this sort of problem that is what I would check first. As it means taking the fuseboard cover off and checking inside I advise you get an electrician in to have a look.


Answered 28th Sep 2015

You need to contact an electrician to investigate but as above may be a faulty MCB.
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Answered 6th Oct 2015

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