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Cost of wiring extractor fan

Hi All, I have a Xpelair Premier DX400T extractor fan in a bathroom, which was functioning perfectly, but taken down and put back up again after a bathroom upgrade. Now the fan is on a "constant trickle": it never switches on, and if switching the light on in the bathroom it does not go up to high speed. After talking to the manufacturer, they think the fan has not been setup correctly, probably it has been rewired wrongly, and the dipstiches (whatever they are!) not set correctly.

Is this something I could have a go at myself (I have a manual, but otherwise totally inexperienced).

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You would need to first check and make sure the wiring is correct before you can establish whether the fan itself is faulty. Was the lighting circuit re-wired by a competent electrician?
The fan in question operates at 230 volts - you should be very careful and only remove the cover to expose the terminations only if you are confident you have isolated the power supply safely. Your fan has a built in trickle setting which is most likely the 'slow constant trickle' you are experiencing. It would seem as though your fan has had its setting adjusted during the rennovation work or the wiring has been installed incorrectly.
It does however sound as though you have at least a permanent live and neautral at the fan to allow the fan to trickle constantly. I would suggest you isolate the fan at the consumer unit. Only once you are sure the fan has no power to it - check to see whether the configuration of the interior switches correspond with the manual. If they do - your next step would be to call an electrician. I hope this helps!


Answered 22nd Sep 2015

Best to call electrician before you start playing with extractor fan.


Answered 19th Aug 2016

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