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Noticed some water on the boarding in our loft

Hi, i have recently laid some boarding in the loft and since i have noticed some damp points after it rained. I guess there is some gap and the rain water is getting through. It is very close to the wall dividing our loft space from our neighbours loft space. Looking outside at the roof there is no immediate damage but i have noticed that we dont have metal looking part that joins the tiles to the brickwork at the edge of our roof that some of our neighbours have. What should i do? I guess i need to get someone around a.s.a.p? Are there any tips and advise to make sure the right thing is done.

Many thanks.

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When you say, metal looking things, do you mean lead flashing, sealing tiles to wall.
This is not a normal thing to be missed by a roofer, if it is missing then yes get someone round to assess and fit.


Answered 19th Sep 2011

Hi, It sounds as if you are talking about flashings, if you say that you dont have any then its not suprising that your roof is leaking, but its more likely to be something else, you need a roofer out there to assess the problem before we have any bad weather, Hope this helps, Steve @ PDQ


Answered 19th Sep 2011

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