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Can we build on top of existing concrete roof

Hello ,we live in an ex police house and want to build on top of kitchen
As we have had a new kitchen fitted,will we be able to build on top of existing concrete roof so we don't damage kitchen when dismantling roof.

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In thruth it depends on the foundations supporting the single storey building, carrying out site investigations will determind whether or not adding the additional weight to the existing foundations is a possiblty.

If the existing foundations are approx 1000m deep and reinforced then adding an additional storey is not going to be a problem.

An alternative option would be to create a light weight structure from timber. This would be bolted to the existing contrete roof, floor joist fixed to the esixting proporty and to the new timber roof structre reduces the imposed weight upon the exiting kitchen roof; incorprorating dormers creates desired head room.

However your local authorty planning and builing control must be informed prior to carrying out your proposed plans.

Hear to help.

Robert McArdle


Answered 9th Sep 2015

the short answer is have an engineer visit the property and inspect the existing roof to clarify its construction and whether it is capable of holding the additional weight. Its not just the foundations you need to consider, but the entire structure as a whole...

hope this helps


Answered 18th Sep 2015

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